720 – Christmas is coming closer

720-1Christmas is coming closer and so I decorated our home in Christmas theme and rebuilt a bit our Winterplatform.

For the fashion bits this time there is not much, we both are wearing the red plaid pajamas by JS Creations. They are available for female and male at Swank Winter Wonderland.
==> @SWANK

720-2See this beautiful barn – it is made by Sass for TWE12VE December. In the package is the barn complete with snow, barn without snow and the snow as separate item included.The barn has a large area and a smaller attic area – reachable by a ladder. You will love it.
Base version = 20 LI
with snow = 68 LI
20 x 13m

sass buildz [the barn]   ==> @TWE12VE

720-13I will show yu a lot of decoration and furniture – hope to give you all the information needed where you can buy which.

720-3Holiday Living Room Set  by Wood Works   ==> @SWANK
– Rock Fireplace
– Fireplace Tools
– Candle in Bronze Holder
– Christmas Sleigh Decor
– Decorated Christmas Tree
– Photo Holly Berries on Fence
– Knitted Christmas Stocking
– Red Christmas Cuddle Rug
– Red Christmas Cuddle Ottoman
– Vase of Holly Berries
– Window Winter Storm

My wall behind the fireplace I decorated with one texture
of the Yuletide Set by Palette  ==> @TWE12VE

Holiday Area Rug – Love, Joy, & Peace  by [Park Place]   ==> @SWANK


%Holiday Edibles by %Percent   ==> @SWANK
– Snowman Cake Pop
– Snowflake Cocoa Pop Dispenser
– Holiday Tree Cookie Dispenser
– Full set of all three

The three individual versions come with only the small, square table. The full set comes with the same, square table, and also a table 3x the width for displaying all three dispensers at once. I’m sending you all of the above, so you can use them however you wish.

The dispensers will give the matching wearbles to anyone who clicks them. The animation was custom made for this item.


*Pastiche* Winter Warmth Floor Pillows    ==>  @The Naughty List


720-6720-8Christmas Deco by Kaerri
– Fillagree Deer /Star Candles
– Kaerri Kittycats Advent Clock
– Lit Branch Vase White
– Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Clock
– Village Display Table Complete (incl. are also seperates to build your own village)
– Gold Light Deer
– Candy Cane Wreath
– Gold Wreath
– Wooden Deer 2
– Wooden Deer 1
– Candle Lantern Small
– Xmas Lantern Large
– Lit Branch Vase Red
– Comfort Heart
– Merry Heart
– Jolly Wooden Heart


Christmas Deco by Storax Tree   ==> @Be Beauty Event
– Potted Holiday Shrub Bh
– Potted Holiday Shrub Ah
– Holiday Candles Platter Gh
– Holiday Candles Platter Ih
– Holiday Candles Platter Ch
– Poinsettias Pine and Candle Bt
– Poinsettias & Pram Holiday Sled Ah
– Holiday Tree D  (outside)



sass buildz [kawaii christmas tree]
sass buildz [kawaii kristmas kitty]
sass buildz [garden light pole] christmas   (outside)


SaCaYa – Elven Clothesline #1 (Music Menu)
Several versions available – on sale this weekend !!!


I got this fabulous bed from Dictator Shop
[Ds] The Elegance Bed (M/F) v1.1 [C/M/NT]
It has several animations included – from single female and male as well couple cuddles,
massages & sex animations. A lot of everything for everyone included 🙂
And the best is you can get also additional texture huds to change the fabrics of the bed and also the frames ! A very great addition for your home !








Happy Christmas Shopping!




Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤


Swank Event – December 2016

Winter Wonderland

SLURL / Swank Blog / Facebook Group/Facebook Swank Events/Flickr

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  1. Thanks so much for blogging *Pastiche*, Beautiful photos! Now off to buy the barn!!! ♥♥♥

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