683 – Deco Time

I want to show you that you can get also Deco and furniture at The  Boho Culture Fair  !
as you know because I told you in my post before it is closing on Nov, 4th – TOMORROW !

And for the decoration and furniture items see at the following photos:



Hippie Decor Gacha Set by MunSpain    ==> @The Boho Culture Fair

*MS* Tapestry Red
*MS* Garden Hippie Gazebo.RARE
*MS* Hippie Mesh Ottoman 3APurple
*MS* Hippie Mesh Ottoman Double Animations Green Red
*MS* Bean Round Chair Hipster Geometric
*-MS-* BeanBag Chair  Hippie Pinkies
*MS* Tapestry Purple
*MS* Table Hippie Dark Wood   **GIFT**



[P] Pillows, Boho Teepee – ADULT&PG Version available    ==> @The Boho Culture Fair



~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Gacha   ==> @The Boho Culture Fair

Rug 1 LI 7 Texture Change Options
Stained Glass 2LI, ohh the shiny goodness!
Chaise 4LI 20 single animation, 8 texture change Blanket options
Rose Trellis 3Li Touch color change Roses
Butterfly Cage 5LI Touch color change Butterflies
Tea Crate 2LI, touch to receive wearable Tea Cup
Pavillion 11LI Lit strands of light
Incense Table 2LI, Lit incense Smokes









Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤



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