663 – Lucky Nights Halloween

A new round of Marvellous Events is running and I am  showing you here some creations by Lucky Night you will get there . And also a jewellery set by Semi-Precious !
As the styling of  body is the same i am only telling them here once and the names of the outfits as headline of the photos.


Eine neue Runde von Marvellous Events läuft und ich zeige hier ein paar Outfits von Lucky Nights , die ihr dort erhaltet sowie ein Schmuckset von jewellery set by Semi-Precious !
Das Styling bleibt gleich und so schreibe ich die Namen der Outfits als Überschrift zu den Fotos.



Happy Shopping!




Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤




Hair / Haare – *Monso* – Min
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Nailpolish / Nagellack –  *ZOZ* –  GL Fall 2015




see photos



Image Essentials – Roaring Twenties (only poses)  – comes with a prop too
==> @RetroRewind


Dannuska by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Drusilla by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Elettra by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Eve by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Ludmilla by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Mal by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Mortisia by Lucky Nights  ==> @Marvelous Events


Danu Jewellery Set by Semi-Precious  ==> @Marvelous Events





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