642 – Miles of Memories: Lost and Disorientated

642-1The last day of the Charity Event “Miles of Memories” is running – closing tomorrow Spe, 23rd. One of the most important events on the grid.
Today I want to talk about memories and memory loss.

The most awful situations happening with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease are memory loss, disorientation and time loss.
In earlier stages it may be a mild form and they maybe aware of it something is going wrong because it is difficult for them to recall recent events, following talks, making decisions – they get frustrated and so the personal behaviour also changes.
Later than they don’t recognise family members, forget names, forget relationships, loose direction and home. Also forgetting of common things happening like to know whats a spoon or pen, etc.
Believe me, this is the most painful as caregiver to see and be aware of it.
You will learn to stay calm – for me it was an eye opener how our doctor talked to my granny. We called him one day to look after her because she left home in the middle of the night and was found in the early morning hours. So he talked to her, calm, interested and really got into the story she told and asked her about it.
So this was for me the way, I talked to granny, living  in her time as long as this was going on.
The most important is: Don’t take all this personally ! It is this illness !

Image Essentials made this prop with the clock and signs – it is definitely well done and shows how the world is turned around for the people suffering from Alzheimer Disease.
In-built animations, clock and street signs.

The 3 songbirds are not included in the photo prop. They are exclusive by TLC for  the  Spoonfull of Sugar Event – ending Sep 25th  – for Doctors without Borders.

My dress Sommer blue is also for this special event Spoonfull of Sugar.
The  dress by Mistique comes with different sizes and this beautiful butterfly shoulder attachment.

My jewellery set “Eloise Deep Pastell” by Moondance Boutique you can get also on the Spoonfull of Sugar Event. Bracelets, necklace and earrings – colopur changeable via touch menu.

642-2And last but not least my nailpolish by LUNA is for Spoonfull of Sugar Event – called Hope and so cute with the butterflies matching my dress.

Official Website of Miles of Memories Event

Alzheimer’s Association RL Website

Miles of Memories ALZ Logo


Sanni 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤




Hair / Haar – *Lelutka* – A-NV-0002.Naturals & Hairbase
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Nailpolish / Nagellack – *LUNA* – Hope   ==> @Spoonfull of Sugar



Dress / Kleid – *Mistique* – Sommer Blue   ==> @Spoonfull of Sugar



Jewellery Set – *Moondance Boutique* – Eloise Deep Pastel    ==> @Spoonfull of Sugar

Birds – *TLC* –  Songbirds Collection Set 1 of 3   ==> @Spoonfull of Sugar



Image Essentials – Lot memories    ==> @Miles of Memories Event

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