624 – Miles of Memory: Azul Esther

624-1624-2Alzheimer’s and dementia touch all of us in some way, whether it is a friend or family member diagnosed with the disease or caring for someone who has it.
This disease sneaks in and you are not aware of it until you really get aware something is not right. Strange things happen, things changed, behaviour changes with your loved ones and first moment, you will say it is the age but when someone get lost, pay attention and look behind !

For me it was my beloved granny. My mum took care of her when she got older and needed more assistance. When my parents were on holiday, I took over completely and one day I realised things went different – but no one believed me, told me she is getting old! Until one day this special moment my mum got aware of it in a hard way: My granny told my mum that my grandpa were there….but he died 1968 !

“Granny, don’t be afraid, I am here by your side, I won’t go away “!
She took care of me all the years, now it is my turn to take care of her – it had been hurt so much, saw her slipping away more and more.

Azul made this beautifl dress in a special colour exclusive for this event.
The dress Esther of Azul comes in standard fitmesh sizes as well as fitted for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies. Included are also bangles and choker in gold.

Help in rising money for a cure against Alzheimer & Dementia!
Event is running vom September 9th to 23rd – I will pass the landmark on September 9th !

Official Website of Miles of Memories Event

Alzheimer’s Association RL Website

Miles of Memories ALZ Logo


Sanni 🙂


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Hair / Haar – *MINA* – Grace
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes



Dress / Kleid – *Azul* – Esther – Morganite –
==> Limited for Miles of Memories Event



included in dress



Voir – 40 sweet shy poses

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