621 – Be A Lighthouse

Many people spend too much time
trying to be the captain
of someone else’s boat.
Learn to be a lighthouse and
the boats will find their way.

621-1Apple Heart Inc., a young designer in SL but with blogging experience since years has released their new outfit. This time a complete outfit of top, pants, heels and denim jacket.
I really liked it from the first moment I saw it .
You are getting a lot of sizes for jacket, pants and tops in the pack. Also 2 versions of the top are included – a plain one and one with a lace trim at the bottom.
Heels are included fpr Bellzea & Slink as well as both versions in white and light blue.

621-6My Glasses are the new Susan Glasses by .Ecko. – 8 colours to choose from and inbuilt resizer via touch menu.

My necklace – Pretty Dolphins Set by IT! Available in different colour sets for Marvelous Monthly in September !

621-3Also my lipstick is made by IT! a variety of great colours via hud for Catwa Heads is available at Be Beauty Event!

Look into my eyes and you see Eyeliner+Shadow original by .kosmetik for The Makeover Room. And my nailpolish “Diamond Encrusted Nails  – silver tip” is also made by .kosmetik. and for Be Beauty Event!


621-2Apple Heart Inc., eine noch junge Designerin in SL aber einer langjährigen Blogger-Erfahrung hat ihr erstes komplettes Outfit herausgebracht. Ein Outfit bestehend aus Top, Jacke, Hose und Schuhe.
Ich mochte dieses Outfit sofort und ihr bekommt viele Größen für die Jacke, Hose und Top im Pack. Auch 2 Versionen des Tops sind enthalten – eine normale Version und eine mit einem Lace-Rand am Ende.
Schuhe sind enthalten für Bellzea & Slink sowie beide Versionen in weiß und hellblau.

Meine Brille sind die  neuen Susan Glasses von .Ecko. – 8 Farben zur Auswahl und einem Resizer via Touchmenu.

Meine Kette ist das Pretty Dolphins Set von IT! Erhältlich in verschiedenen Farbsets via Hud für das Marvelous Monthly Event September !

Auch mein Lippenstift ist von IT! Eine große Auswahl an Farben via Hud ist erhältlich auf dem Be Beauty Event!

621-5Schaut mir in die Augen und ihr seht mein Augen Make-Up Eyeliner+Shadow original von .kosmetik für The Makeover Room. Auch mein Nagellack “Diamond Encrusted Nails  – silver tip” ist von .kosmetik für das Be Beauty Event.


Happy Shopping !

Sanni 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤




Hair / Haar – *Exxess* – Peche
Eyes / Augen – *IKON* – Odyssey Eyes
Lipstick / Lippenstift – *IT!* – Kayshla’s Kisses   ==> @Be Beauty
Eye Make-Up / Augen-Make-up – *Kosmetik* – Eyeliner+Shadow
==>@The Makeover Room
Nailpolish / Nagellack – *Kosmetik* – Diamond Encrsuted Nails
==>@Be Beauty



Pants, Top, Jacket&Heels / Hose, Top, Jacke&Schuhe –
*Apple Heart Inc.* – Complete Mesh Outfit  *Marketplace*



Necklace / Kette – *IT!* – Pretty Dolphins Set  ==> @Marvelous Monthly
Glasses / Brille – *.Ecko.* – Bianca   *In your Shoes until Aug 31st*



Voir – 40 sexy tough poses
Inbuilt in Lighthouse at location

1 thought on “621 – Be A Lighthouse

  1. Beautiful look and pictures, wise words … what more can one ask for? 🙂 Amazing job!!! <333


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