473 – H&G Expo: Texturizing

The Home&Garden Expo is not only something for someone looking around to decorate your home & garden new – it is also for builders a great place looking for building components.

I am showing you in this post a lot of different things and first this is about Fabric Lab.
They are the Platinum Sponsor on the Expo’s Hope 3 Sim.
We bloggers really have some challenges to do our posts for full perm items but we do our best to show you the best of the Expo !
This year Fabric Lab has 2 donation items – proceeds going 100% to RFL:
These are the fabric textures:
1. FL ME Spring Mod Casa Collection
2. FL ME Garden Terrace Collection473FL1

I am showing you here a little set-up using different items :

473-1You see here
3! DIY Closet!!! All items 50% OFF During Event
Rugs and Carpet texture example

473-2Texture examples available at the event


􀀀􀀇􀀀􀀀Lab Design Mesh Fabric Storage Basket
In Photo with Closet Lab Design Mesh Hat Boxes

These are only some of the items you can get from Fabric Lab at the Expo.

My other articles and Deco in this post is on the right side the cake table and food boxes fro m Aphrodite Shop.
They are 100% Donation items to RFL.
473-4 473-5

And at the wall on the right side are great words in a  silver frame. You can easily add them to your home for decoration. They are from GFC. Also here, a visit on the Expo is worth it !


The 8th annual Home & Garden Expo for Relay for Life in Secondlife is still running until March, 6th 2016. About the fair you can read in my post before and you will find also needful things here: Shopping Guide, maps of each sim and what to find where and sure the slurls to the Expo Sims.

All the mentioned Exhibitors you find on Expo Sim Hope 3 ;
SLURL to Hope 3 – UR

Website – Home&Garden Expo



Let’s help each other!


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