463 – Cosmopolitan Valentina



Today I am showing you an outfit and furniture/deco item available at Swank.
Swank Round is still running until Feb 29th – so still some days to shop !!!

My outfit contains of a skinny high waist leather pants and an awesome loose open vest.
The warm colour is pefect because I love the warm tones.

The furniture in my loft are a set from Park Place. Park Place is the first time at Swank and this time they offer their Cosmopolitan Living Room Set. Items of the set:
– Ottomane with pillow
– Ottomane without pillow
– Grey Leather chair
– Area Rug
– Black Leather Sofa
– Coffeetable with accessories
– Floor plant
– Faux window with scen (not shown here)

The decoration above the leather sofa with the 2 hearts is Hearts as One Frame from Wood Works. It has 2 photo frames in it hearts and there you can drag your own photos in.



Heute zeige ich euch ein Outfit und Möbel / Deko erhältlich auf dem Swank Event.
Die Swank Februar-Runde läuft noch bis zum. 29.02. und somit noch genug Zeit zum Shoppen !!! 🙂

Mein Outfit besteht aus einer schmal geschnittenen Lederhose und einer tollen offenen Weste. Die armen Töne sind perfekt, denn ich liebe diese .

Die Möbel in meinem Loft sind ein Set von Park Place. Park Place ist das erste Mal auf dem Swank Event und sie bieten ihr Cosmopolitan Living Room Set an.
Die Artikel dieses Set sind:
– Ottomane with pillow
– Ottomane without pillow
– Grey Leather chair
– Area Rug
– Black Leather Sofa
– Coffeetable with accessories
– Floor plant
– Faux window with scen (not shown here)

Die Dekoration über dem Sofa mit den 2 Herzen ist der Hearts as One Rahmen von Wood Works. Er hat 2 Fotorahmen in sich in den Herzen und da könnt ihr eure eigenen Fotos reinziehen.


Swank Event – February 7th to 29th
Theme: 50 Shades of Red
SLURL / Swank Blog / Facebook Group / Facebook Swank Events / Flickr









Happy shopping !



Follow me on flickr to see more photos with larger resolution taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤


BODY / Körper

Hair / Haar – *Analog Dog*–  Sassafras



Pants & Vest / Hose & Weste –  *Prey* – Valentina    ==> @Swank Event
Shoes / Schuhe – *Hilly Haalan* – Livana Heels



Necklace / Kette – *Glow* – Tassels Long Necklace
Earrings / Ohrringe – *IT!* – Part of Entwined Set   ==> Truth or Dare Affair



*Park Place* Ottomane with pillow    ==> @Swank Event
– *Park Place* Ottomane without pillow    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Grey Leather chair    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Area Rug    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Black Leather Sofa    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Coffeetable with accessories    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Floor plant    ==> @Swank Event
*Park Place* Faux window with scen (not shown  here)    ==> @Swank Event
Wood Works – 2 hearts as one    ==> @Swank Event



{Vanity Poses Collection }

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